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🎨 Design System

(Wallet Tools)

The design system of the admin tools for the wallet tools product. This system is being used within the experience design team to ensure efficiency and consistency of the design.


This project begins with the issue that there is no design system for Bitkub's admin tools, cause differentiation and misunderstanding between each designer's work. The issue leads to ineffective communication with developer team, for instance, wrong color code, and Font. It becomes even more critical when I am responsible for Wallet tools, another admin tools for Bitkub's product. Thus, the presence of design system being used at this moment is being created for clearing all obstacle happened between teams.

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Success Metric

To maintain and improve the Wallet Tools design system which will be used in Wallet Tools product features

Project Scope

Role — Experience Designer
Duration — Jan - Feb 2023
Team — Product Manager, Developer

Scope of Work

- Desktop (Light Theme)

Acceptance Criteria

The design system document will be included the following content

  1. Style System

    • Colors​

    • Typography

    • Effect Style

  2. General

    • Background​

    • Logo

    • Avatar

    • Icons

  3. Main Component

    • Buttons

    • Inputs

    • Navigation

    • Alerts

    • Modal

    • Badges/Chips

  4. Core Component



By applying the design system to each work makes the designers work faster and can apply in many other flow charts easily, reduce time consuming in the newer pages by 40% and make it consistency in every design pages.

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