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💳 BitkubPay
Landing Page

Web design for BitkubPay which is a brand new Mobile e-Wallet Application for Bitkub that can be use as a credit card and online transaction. This interface is designed to be a prototype for the parallel animation.

Project Scope
Success Metric

BitkubPay Landing Page is designed for spreading the new BitkubPay Card which this including the fills for those who interest in recieving news and E-mails.

Role — Experience Designer
Duration — March - May 2022
Team — UX Writer, Product Manager, Developer

Scope of Work

- Desktop (Dark Version)
- Responsive Mobile (Dark Version)
- UX Writing

- Validation with Development team

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Create User Flow for Register

Building user flow for registration to those user who want E-mail News update by creating user flow and then develop it into UI mapping for other teams to see the process of the registration.


Responsive Website

After complete the website design, to ease the usage and cover all devices, the responsive type is being develop so user can use the website especially the BitkubPay Landing Page can perform beautifully on any platform.

Prototype (Animation)

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