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✌🏻Bitkub V.2

Create features for Bitkub V.2 that will be launched soon by applying the design system. The responsibilities are mainly on UI design, finding design solution for the interface and conducting the quality testing by Heuristics Evaluation.

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KYC UI Design (not use)

Creating UI design for user verification is a stage after the user has registered to Bitkub. For better user experiences, our team has divide our work clearly that I have to work with UX designer to create mapping, Flow charts and creating illustration for each UI.

*The result can not be showed, only the UI concept is allowed to be presented.*

Project Scope
Success Metric
  1. Successfully communicate according to UX Flow objective.

  2. Bitkub V.2 Design system is being applied properly.

  3. Alias Design Token with Bitkub V.2 properly.

  4.  Creating illustration of UI properly.

Role — Experience Designer
Duration — February 2023  - March 2023
Team — UX Designer, UX Writer, Product Manager

Scope of Work

- Desktop (Dark, Light)
- Responsive Mobile (Dark, Light)
- Mobile application
- UX Writing

- Alias Design Token

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Screenshot 2566-03-02 at 17.15.17.png
Screen Shot 2566-03-02 at 17.19 1.png


After going through the reviewed from both UX and UI Senior Designer, communication with product owner, the work has been submitted. Aligning with design system and alias with design token must be done before handing the work as well.

*The result can not be showed, only the UI concept is allowed to be presented.*

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