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☝🏻Bitkub V.1

Develop the feature of Bitkub's application and website that being published.

The design will be according to the requirement from Product owner and Product manager to improve. Within a sprint, the research and usability testing is being conducted for quality testing until handing works to the development team.


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Currently, user can verify throught 2 channels, Dipchip at Counter service (7-11) or uploading the document on application or website. The production team requires to add 2 more of the verification system: Dipchip at Boonterm or get a service at Bitkub's investment center to convenient the customers.

Project Scope
Success Metric

Role — Experience Designer
Duration — December 2021 - February 2022
Team — UX Writer, Product Manager, Developer

1. User can select their own verification channel.

2. User can do self verification through the process via Dipchip at Boonterm.

3. User can verify through the process at investment center.

4. User knows the document required such as ID card, and has to be done by themselves because it requires selfie.

Scope of Work

- Desktop (Dark, Light)
- Responsive Mobile (Dark, Light)
- Mobile application
- Usability Testing
- UX Writing

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Research User Journey

Research user journey to see the usage flow of the current user and apply it to the new flow by creating new user journey before developing the UI mapping, user experience checking and testing.


Group 13.4.png

1. User doesn't know what to do next
2. User doesn't know the document required such as ID card, and has to be done by themselves because it requires selfie.

3. User can not proceed the verification process till the waiting for approve.


Group 1321314402.png
Design Solution

1. Modify the method choosing page to be more specific and shorten the description that confused the user.

Group 1321316731.png

UI Mapping with Flow

 Creating UI design to build the UI mapping for flow charts that reviewed by senior specialist which creating prototype to check various cases.

Usability Testing

Creating the prototype to conduct 8 real users qualitative test, then gather all the results to do mapping and conclude. Results show that there are painpoints embeded within the pages means that all the works has to be revised and brought back to test again. The success criteria is measured by CSAT  Avarage Score (Customer Satisfaction) which has to be more than 4.5.

Group 21.png
Group 13.4.png


After conducted the usability testing and reviewed by both senior experience and product owner, it will be apply on deep design to adjust all small component and apply on those devices stated in the scope of work. The validation with the development team has to be done before handing the final file.

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