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Hello! 👋🏻
I'm Teeraporn


A designer who has the ambition on contributing to society and giving all capabilities to develop, design, and improve products

💻 Selected Works ✨

Design System - Wallet Tools

The design system of the admin tools for the wallet tools product. This system is being used within the experience design team to ensure efficiency and consistency of the design.

Illustration Guidelines

The documentation which is the guideline of the illustration design for Bitkub V.2. It helps the illustrator in our team to create similar illustration and within the illustration guideline. The benefit of this feature is to make the customers feel and percieve in the same way.

BitkubPay - Landing page

Web design for BitkubPay which is a brand new Mobile e-Wallet Application for Bitkub that can be use as a credit card and online transaction. This interface is designed to be a prototype for the parallel animation.

Bitkub V.1

Developing features of the current application and website version by receiving requirements from product owner and product manager. Each sprint consist of research and usability testing to test the quality before handed to developer team.

Bitkub V.2

Create features for Bitkub V.2 that will be launched soon by applying the design system. The responsibilities are mainly on UI design, finding design solution for the interface and conducting the quality testing by Heuristics Evaluation.

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